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Reading Movies… a long time ago

A bit of hindsight wisdom: If you ever decide to apply to grad school, do not postpone committing to the decision until 2 1/2 months before applications are due. Otherwise, you may find yourself with 1 1/2 months to prepare … Continue reading

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Audio Storytelling, As Told By The Experts

In listening to Ira Glass and Had Abumrad explain audio storytelling, I was struck by how different their perspectives are. I suppose it shouldn’t be that surprising. Every expert has a different opinion on their subject (if they didn’t the … Continue reading

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Reflection Pool

Time for another weekly summary! For quick and easy reference, this week I: Composed some initial thoughts on storytelling (and storytellers) Examined The Hunger Games using Kurt Vonnegut’s theory of the shape of stories Created a Five Card Flickr Story … Continue reading

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