Revenge of the 3 Day Old Cup

For the Daily Create of writing an ode to an underappreciated object, hansolo wrote an ode to a “3 day old cup” in which s/he fantasized about smashing a dirty old cup rather than washing it. I imagine the cup would not be okay with this treatment. Here is the cup’s response:

Dude, you’re going to smash me on the floor just because you’re too lazy to put me in the dishwasher? That’s messed up. How about the pieces of me that you leave shattered and alone hang out on that floor until you forget we’re there at 3 AM on your way to the bathroom? How many stitches do you think you’ll need, just because you couldn’t wash a cup?

Adapted from "Broken Cat Mug" by Aric McKeown:

Adapted from “Broken Cat Mug” by Aric McKeown:

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