Raiders of the French Kitchen

I have to say, I think designing a poster for an action movie starring Julia Child is my favorite daily create to date. Julia Child was a hardcore badass who knew how to debone a duck. And she was a spy. So she would make an awesome star of an action movie. She already starred in her own TV show, how hard could a transition to film be?

So here it is, the Julia Child action vehicle… Raiders of the French Kitchen.


This is my favorite image I’ve created for DS106 thus far, and I think it reflects how much my image editing skills have improved (compare to Smoking Warhol or the first image in Lord of the Obama, though the second one is much better and took A LOT of effort).

I had to use various filters to add noise and make Julia Child look more cartoonish (though she still doesn’t look like a cartoon, sigh), and there were a number of tweaks to the curves to get the colors to match. Then there was the challenge of getting Indian Jones on his rope and Marion running away to appear in front of Julia. Layers, brushed on masks, and more layers. And some brushing at the pixel-level.  Yes, it looks photoshopped, but it is well balanced, and looks much cleaner than anything I could have produced six months ago. There aren’t weird fuzzy borders or bits and pieces of the layered images missing, things are well blended, and image sizes are well matched.

I suppose this is a testimony to how much DS106 can help with your design skills. The frequent practice, bordering on immersion, makes a tremendous difference, allowing you to better tell stories. Because I wasn’t getting flustered by techniques, I was able to focus on concept, integrating Julia Child Holding A Knife Like A Badass into an Indian Jones movie. Because she really was a badass.

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2 Responses to Raiders of the French Kitchen

  1. CogDog says:

    As are you, Emily! This poster rocks. It’s those small details, pixels painted in, un-needed elements clone brushed out, that people never see that is the art. You matched her face well to fit in with the poster.

    I cant imagine what role she had in Jaws….

  2. Emily Strong says:

    Thanks! I suspect she would have simply laughed in the face of the shark, much as she did this lobster:

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