A Study in Gender

Slinky, poofy, tight, fun to spin around in – they vary quite a bit
Kids (mostly girls) go through phases of loving the symbol of their gender
I was a determined tomboy so I refused to wear them
Right up until I was twenty-four I was a pants-wearing girl
Then I joined a business casual workplace

This daily create was a lot of fun to write, and provided some interesting self-reflection. I think it was around age seven or eight that I suddenly began to refuse to wear dresses and skirts. Girls wore those, and they were hard to run in, awkward for climbing trees, and adults got mad at you if you sat cross-legged while wearing them. Skirts were lame.

I still occasionally wore them for formal occasions, but then I joined Model UN. I bought my first pants suit and never wanted to wear a damned skirt again. Until I joined a business casual workplace where slacks are a tad too formal, and khakis are easily wrinkled, so skirts it is.

And then I discovered that tights and a pair of shorts under a skirt is SO MUCH WARMER THAN PANTS. And I live in Boston. So I’m sold.

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