Hercules Attends GIFfest

I’ve been taking a break from my ds106 Hercules extravaganza most of this week (but you can see his Twitter feed! @herculeshimself), but I couldn’t resist the awesomeness of ds106 GIFfest. Not to mention I’ve been wanted to do something with this clip from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, but couldn’t figure out how to integrate it into my media landscape (but I’m sure I’ll find a way).

The story goes that Kevin Sorbo misunderstood the note “disappointed” in his script, thinking it was a line rather than directions on how to deliver the previous line. And he put everything he had into the delivery. Can’t you feel his frustration deep in your soul?

The internet fails to tell me whether this mistake is from the blooper reel, or made it into the actual episode (Season 4, Episode 14 if you want to dig it up), but the clip itself is everywhere. So I made it into an animated gif:


(Note: I’ve noticed that sometimes WordPress doesn’t display the animation within a post, so if you’re having trouble viewing it, click on the GIF to open it in a separate window and it should then play.)

GIF was created using the magical combination of PwnYouTube, MPEG Streamclip, and Photoshop. And you can now find it as GIFfest Assignment #872!

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2 Responses to Hercules Attends GIFfest

  1. Thats a riot, even if a blooper he delivers it well!

    Glad to have you GIFfing with us. FYI, when you upload an animated GIF to WordPress, you want to make sure it te exact size you want it displayed, and when you chose a version to use, it has to be the original dimensions — when wordpress creates the other sizes of the GIFs they lose their animation. If you peek at the source of your page, the emebdded GIF here is a resized copy of your original

    whereas the animated/original is

    Also, when making your GIF (not sure what you used) you want to make sure you select an option that tells it to loop forever.

    • Emily Strong says:

      Thanks for pointing out the lack of looping! Wasn’t paying attention to that.
      I didn’t realize WP was resizing the image – most of the time it doesn’t resize and I have to do it manually because it looks ridiculous. Should be fixed now!

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