The Good-Looking Internet Committee

It’s remix time! For my first remix assignment, I’ve decided to Create My Own SuperPAC!

The handy-dandy SuperSuperPAC Name Generator mentioned in the assignment was very helpful, as I didn’t have any solid ideas for how to approach this. It generated the following gems:

  • Hype The Nanny State Foundation
  • Rock Free Pizza Horde
  • Resurrect Outdoor Grilling Collective
  • Enrich The Stars and Stripes Foundation
  • Super Chill Not Being Tread On Horde
  • Ebullient Not Listening Legion
  • Good-looking Internet Committee
  • Affirm The Purple Mountain Majesty

Each of these names was fabulous in its own way, but I decided to go with Good-Looking Internet Committee. It just seemed to have so many possibilities. The SuperPAC content follows, but first I wanted to discuss the sources.

It was very difficult to find usable material. The poster was easy, but creating a video remix is challenging. I’ve done it before (my favorite being Chewbacca Explains It All), and every time it takes significantly longer than I expect to find clips that I can use, and I usually have ideas for sources that I end up having to cut out entirely because they simply don’t fit.

In the case of the political ad, I wanted to use a number of clips of celebrities (after all, anyone associated with the cause should be good-looking). I might have eventually found clips from each celebrity I brainstormed, but it would have required watching *a lot* of footage. And even then, sometimes it seems like a good fit until you start editing your mash-up, and then suddenly everything falls apart. There was an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio that I thought was perfect for this, and I ended up not using a single soundbite. (And I’ve misplaced the details on it, so I can’t link to it. The clip is from an interview he did with The Early Show about The Departed, available on YouTube if you feel like doing some digging.) I ended up using Matt Damon’s rant on Sarah Palin and an hilarious Tim Gun video from his Liz Claiborne days. And that was it.

I’m happy with the result, but man, that was a lot of work.

The Good-Looking Internet Committee

A  SuperPAC For the Information Age

Platform: Who cares about “open access”, online piracy and copyright compliance, or freedom of information? We want the Internet to be good-looking! And we don’t mean attractive web design. We want the Internet to only feature good-looking people.

Candidates We Support: Those who are attractive, or have attractive spouses (let’s be real, Obama is not much of a looker, but Michelle is a fashion icon)

Candidates We Oppose: Those who only care about SOPA and whatever the ITU might be up to, and can’t be bothered to put some effort into their personal appearance. We’re looking at YOU Donald Trump.

War Chest: We invested all of our funds in Facebook stock. Oh well.

Principle Donors: The Internet. That’s right. Cuz the Internet cares about this. (To clarify, “the Internet” is Google, YouTube, Facebook, Huffington Post, Gawker, Perez Hilton, 4chan, Reddit, yada yada yada.)

Ad that you will see at least three times every time you watch anything on Hulu:

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2 Responses to The Good-Looking Internet Committee

  1. CogDog says:

    Here is comes, the Stepford Internet! Oh this is a hoot to watch.

  2. CogDog says:

    errr “here IT comes”

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