Wellesley: A Google Search Story

So, I went to a women’s college. And I chose it for the college ranking and the financial aid package they offered me, not because it was a women’s college. This Google Search Story reflects my transition from trying to get  off campus as much as possible (It certainly didn’t help that one of my best friends from high school went to Emerson College in downtown Boston. Why stay on campus when I could go visit him and do fun Bostony things?) to eventually taking pride in the empowering environment of the school. So here is that story:

Also, for those who want to complete this assignment but are having trouble finding the tool (YouTube has a flashy showcase of submissions, but the actual link to the tool on http://www.youtube.com/searchstories is currently missing), there is a permalink to it here: https://searchstories-intl.appspot.com/en-us/creator/. I’m going to tag this as a tutorial so that others can easily find the link. Because this is through an external service, you do have to jump through a couple extra hoops to connect the video to your YouTube account. Google will identify it as suspicious activity from a new IP address. This is okay, just say that it was you and you can then log in.

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