A story embedded in a page

When I started to read this week’s assignment of redesigning a webpage to tell a story, I at first thought it meant embedding a story within an existing webpage. And I got REALLY excited. This seemed like such a cool idea – the story could be relevant to the page content, or a complete non sequitur.

But then I continued reading, and realized the assignment meant something more like this. Which, don’t get me wrong, was a lot of fun. But I was still excited by my initial interpretation. So I decided to go ahead and do it and submit this as an assignment proposal.

I took the non sequitur approach, writing a story embedded in Google Apps integration documentation. (I wanted to use something long to accommodate the story structure and inherently uninteresting to most people so that they wouldn’t be distracted by it.) The story began with the idea of someone crying out for help, and then it went off in its own … surprising direction.

The poem is one that I wrote back in high school, with the enticing description of “Crappy poem I wrote while bored and procrastinating on homework.” I honestly do not remember what inspired it, but in rereading it I found the mawkishness and the self-importance to be so entertaining that I decided to use it here. (I used to write a lot of humorous poetry, and initially wanted to use one of those poems, but then I came across this one, and immediately knew I had to use it. Because it gave me my ending.)

Here is a pdf version of the story, or you can download the webpage here.

UPDATE: Assignment has been submitted! http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/hidden-story-in-a-page/ Hope you enjoy it. I had fun creating the thumbnail for the assignment page:

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