Sliding Down Rocks

This weekend I visited the Middlesex Fells Reservation, which has a number of great hiking trails. We wandered onto the Rock Circuit Trail which has many fantastic rocks to climb sans climbing gear and view the park (or at least the tree-line, none of them were actually high enough to see the entire park). When I read the description of the Slide Guy! visual assignment, I thought immediately of those rocks. Wouldn’t he look great sliding down one of them? Sadly, in going through my pictures, I only had one that showed a slide-appropriate profile of a rock formation, and it had my friend in it:

To fix this I used the clone stamp tool in Photoshop to replace my friend with trees and sky, and then dragged slide guy into the image and increased his size to make sure he was having extra fun:

But the composition felt off. Slide guy was too small, there was too much sky, the image just didn’t quite work. So I cropped it. And I’m pretty happy with the result. Slide guy will never fit perfectly into any image (unless it’s an actual slide), but he always looks like he’s having fun. Even if he’s sliding down a pile of rocks.

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